International services

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When you become an international member of The Cooperation, you expand your professional network. On top of that, you can use our internationally available services, from starting your own website to publishing your articles in Reporters Online. See below for a complete list.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurances for freelancers are costly. We use the CommonEasy network to insure ourselves, and help each other out. It’s easy and affordable, so join today!

Reporters Online

Reporters Online is a service that enables members of The Cooperation to publish their articles on Blendle, an online newsstand where you pay-per-article. It’s not only an extra way to make money, but also a new outlet for your work.

Make your own website

Make a website to showcase your articles, or upload your portfolio. Or go crazy and start your own online magazine. We can help you with either. It’s free in 2017, and only €75 per year (for members) in 2018. Examples can be found here.


Already have funding for your article, but think you might need more to make a really great story? Apply for funding at our Matchingfund. We double the funding you already received, making quality journalism possible.